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  • z1010-500x500 z1010-500x500_2
    The spirit of creativity and modernization is reflected not only in the adoption of the latest technologies, But also in innovative solutions that make in all aspects of development In one headset and enjoy all the ways to prosperity in sound, performance and power in the grandest form and not the most enjoyable endurance. Is one of the modern models that have proven themselves in the market is the Supplier of remote control and HI FI USB and FM radio and supports all the MEDIA. You can also ride on the computer and mobile and laptop...
  • z1011-500x500 z1011-500x500_2
    The quality of performance purity and clarity of sound form the most wonderful of all those in one headset. FM radio remote control and the property D3 L models side lights and sound Remote Control remote control. Is a master speaker (Home) Sub-speaker you can connect it to your computer and mobile display screens and monitors the LCD.
  • z-310-500x500 z-310-500x5007
    Both used and simply can reliably and that the image of its many uses. The ability to run Graphics Memory and the possibility of connection on Mobile and the possibility of connection on the computer.
  • z-610-500x500 z-610-500x500_2
    Star bright sky in the market for headsets and rocket speaker and best-selling between Baone casting and save, The ability to run memory card, and interoperability of mobile and interoperability on any TV and has a surround sound feature of the D3 purification sound and has a control panel from which ramp or low air.
  • Z611-500x500 Z611-500x500_2
    With insight able to absorb and understand any kind of MEDIA running any version running the MP3 format and wording of the MP4 and HI FI. A place to run and run the memory card, the possibility of USB connections and running on mobile, computer and connection on projection screens and LCD provider REMOTE CONTROL property the 3D surround sound control panel.
  • z-811-500x500 z-811-500x500_2
    Carry out the work to the highest levels of performance and excellence not only in specific areas, but in every area it operates in all work performed. Modern and new model in the market for headsets purity of sound emperor emperor in each market down. Is characterized as Top votes purest most obvious USB connectivity works on your computer, laptop and mobile. High-quality laser lighting and side chic and sophisticated appearance REMOTE CONTROL, memory card, and could also be operating on the LCD screens.
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