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للاستفسار عن كاميرات مراقبة مازوري

للاستفسار عن كاميرات مراقبة اكسيس

  • H.264 video compression & G.711 audio compression.
  • Support 720P preview, recording & playback. 
  • Analog video transmission technology, coaxial cable as the transmission medium
  • Support coaxial two-way data communication, you can send control signals such as pan, tilt, zoom control, etc
  • Reliable long distances transmission, Through 75-3 coaxial line can ensure the quality of 500 meters high reliable hd video signal transmission
  • Strong anti-jamming capability, under strong interference environment, to ensure high-definition video transmission display, distortion does not occur and dropped frames
  • Using a new UI, more intuitive and simple user experience, the use of style three comprehensive menu display
  • Video features: manual recording, schedule recording, motion detection and other video modes. Provide information on the USB interface hard disk recording backup and network backup
  • Support CVBS, VGA&HDMI simultaneous output, VGA, HDMI full HD 1080P output.
  • Support 4CH real time playback
  • Support TCP/IP - UDP - RTP/RTSP - DHCP - PPP0E - DDNS - NTP network protocols, support for real-time network monitoring, video playback, control and management functions; built-WEB Server, enables direct access via a browser
  • Support P2P cloud server.

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