Now, the presence of Surveillance System is inevitable, but the probable faced by a lot of people is the lack of knowledge on how to choose the right system optimization have been subjected to exploitation by some unscrupulous and willing without taking into account the rapid loss of professional conscience 

Below we show you some of the points that show you how to choose what suits you best 

1.Desired area monitored

Room until 4 X 5 meters One camera  is enough to provide a  comprehensive vision and can add an extra camera in case you want to focus on something extra such as treasury or cashier etc 

2-Night Vision

Some cameras outfitted with night vision function and the space that can be covered in the dark is  Differs from one camera to another , If you want a special night vision requirements you can call the technical support number 01000033754 and we will inform you in this regard 

Finally, we are only in Egypt, which guarantee you recover all your money within 30 days after

installation in the case of non-satisfaction and without reasons


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